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Dr. Sweger has been functioning as a teacher in the Body of Christ for over 30 years. He holds a bachelors degree in Physics from Duke University and received a PhD in Solid State Physics from American University in 1974. He was a research scientist at the National Bureau of Standards (now NIST) from 1965 until 1979, when he resigned and moved with his family to Port Republic, VA. There he entered into a teaching ministry with Bruce Mitchell. He has also done computer software development for many businesses and the US Army.

In 1997 God began opening up opportunities for cross-cultural ministry, and since then he has made eight major ministry trips to the nations of Africa. His vision has been to help equip and strengthen the Body of Christ. He has ministered in at least ten nations on that continent, as well as Spain, Israel and India. He is affiliated with ABLE Ministries and Foundation Ministries International, with which he is ordained.

Carol is his wife of 44 years, and they have three children, all grown. Dan and Carol are an active part of Church of Living Water in Harrisonburg, Virginia, and Dan is an elder in that fellowship.

Over the years Dan has extensively studied and prepared material on many subjects, including creation science and eschatology. This has resulted in several book-length manuscripts: Created in the Image of God, a study of God's plan for man, body soul and spirit; The Coming Day of the Lord: Understanding the Prophecies About the Return of Jesus, a detailed study of the Old and New Testament prophecies; and Getting Ready: Preparing the Church for the Return of Jesus, which has been published by Gazelle Press.

He has also prepared seminars on this material which can be presented in a variety of ways. If interested, use the Contact page or contact him by mail, phone or email at:

Dr. Daniel M. Sweger
7991 Port Republic Road
Port Republic, VA 24471
(540) 249-4833
(540) 435-4277 (cell)


There is also a companion website: The Bible Learning Center in which you will find information on Creation, Bible study outlines, and a wide variety of articles on a range of Biblical topics.

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