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Getting Ready


Preparing the Church for the Return of Jesus

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What others say about Getting Ready

"Thank you for the great job you have done in compiling and writing this book." J. Spitzer, Timberville, VA

"This is truly revelation insight to help the Church in our time. I pray we receive this word in season to prepare ourselves for Jesus' return." B. Mitchell, Harrisonburg, VA.



I am excited to report that Getting Ready has been published by Gazelle Press. It is available and can be purchased

Jesus is coming back ...

We have no promise in the Bible more certain than this! Now, what does Jesus expect from us?

A housewife is busy at home taking care of the children when the phone rings. Her husband calls to tell her that he is going to the airport, picking up someone very important, and bringing him home as a dinner guest.

What is she going to do? And what does her husband expect her to do? The answer to both these questions is the same: She will do everything necessary in order to be ready when this important guest arrives.

... Soon!

The Church is busy, taking care of many things. But is she ready for the coming of our Lord Jesus? What are we going to do? What does Jesus expect us to do?

The Church is not ready ...

Jesus said to His disciples, "Be ready." Then He gave specific instructions as to what we need to be doing to prepare for His coming. This is what this book, Getting Ready is all about.

The Church needs to get ready! If you want to be prepared for Jesus when He comes, then you want to read this book. Get your copy today.

 I have provided a preview of the book and invite you to read the pages. I believe that this is a critical message that Christians everywhere need to hear.

The companion book to this one is The Coming Day of the Lord. I invite you to also take a look at that one.

If you have read either of these books please leave some feedback. It is important that I know if this book has been a blessing.