The Coming Day of the Lord:

Understanding the Prophecies About the Return of Jesus

A Book by Dr. Daniel M. Sweger

About the Book

It was my intent in writing this book that when you are finished reading it you will understand the Biblical prophecies about the end-times. Whenever I teach on this subject I begin by asking everyone, How many of you believe you understand Biblical prophecy concerning the return of Jesus or understand the book of Revelation? Very few, if any, respond positively.

This should not be so.

The return of Jesus as King, and the events surrounding His return, is one of the most important subjects in the Bible, second only to His first coming as Savior. The Old Testament prophets spoke extensively of it; Jesus spent a lot of time teaching His disciples about it; Paul taught of it everywhere he went; and the Bible closes with a detailed revelation directly from Jesus to the apostle John. It is that important.

I believe there are several reasons for the confusion surrounding end-times prophecy:

  • There is a lot of detail in the Bible, and it is difficult to see the big picture.

  • The teaching we have received has been disorganized and spotty, not systematic; it is like standing too close to an abstract painting. All you see are the splotches of paint.

  • Many teachers have had a pre-conceived theory, and they only use those Scriptures that seem to support that theory. That approach leaves a lot of unanswered questions.

The Coming Day of the Lord dispels this confusion. As you read this book you will discover:

  • A literal approach has been taken in interpreting the Bible. As much as is possible, I have allowed scripture to interpret scripture, and where that is not possible I identify the interpretation as being my opinion. God is not a God of confusion, but of peace, and He has included in the Bible everything we need to understand it.

  • It is systematic in its presentation. One cannot build a structure without a firm foundation, which has to be carefully laid. Each of the major prophetic scriptures in both Old and New Testaments are examined and compared to form an overall picture before filling in the details.

  • It is easy to read and understand. Having spent much time in recent years making the Bible understandable in third-world countries to people who do not speak English well, I have applied this experience to this book. You do not even need a knowledge of the Bible.

  • It is complete. Although the book is not long (216 pages), it covers all the bases so that the reader is able to see how scriptures not mentioned fit into the overall picture.

  • It is scriptural. My aim is to understand the scriptures, not present a theory. I spent over two years studying the Bible on this subject so that I would be sure not deviate from the truth as the Bible presents it.

The last blessing that Jesus pronounced in the Bible is perhaps the most import for us today:

Blessed is he who reads and those who hear the words of the prophecy, and heed the things which are written in it for the time is near. (Revelation 1:3)

We are living in such a time. It is my prayer that this book will produce a genuine blessing in your life as you come to a place where you know and understand, and thus can heed, the words of the prophecy. These words have certainly done that in my life.

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